NY Full Time Trailer Spotter

Job Title: Trailer Spotter Department: DTI Location: Liverpool, NYSchedule: Wednesday 7:30pm-11:30pm, Thursday 11:30am-12am, Friday 7pm-7:30am, Saturday 9:30pm-11am
Supervision:a. Reports to In House Driver Trainer/Spotter Supervisorb. Executes work under direction or established procedures 90% of the time.c. Works independently setting priorities and work schedule 10% of the time.d. Supervises none.
Primary Purpose:To function as a yard spotter for the NY Warehouse: Spot trailers in the lot or at a dock door in an efficient safe manner; inspect spotter truck and trailers for maintenance and cleaning. Check reefer units. Fuels / tops off reefer trailer fuel tank. Wash out trailers when needed. Other duties as required.
Essential Duties as a Spotter:a. Moving trailers between pads, doors, & buildings on a timely basis. Ensures dock door is closed, and dock plate is retracted when docking or pulling trailers away from dock.b. Sliding tandems to meet state bridge laws.c. Weighing outbound and finished trailers accurately.d. Getting trailer reloaded when trailer is overweight. (check with Warehouse clerk)e. Checking trailers. Ensure all trailers are secure (locked) in yard. (Dot and 3rd party )1. Inspects trailer registration, inspection, and other documentation. Inspect trailer suspension, sliding tandem rails and all pins out, frame and cross-members for structural integrity, brakes and lights. f. Inspecting spotter tractors, basic maintenance and fueling (fill out inspection sheet daily)g. Inspecting fuel truck, basic maintenance and fueling (fill out inspection sheet daily)h. Checking refrigerator unit operation.i. Performing yard, trailer & dock check.j. Completing a yard tracking sheet to be turned after each shiftk. Performing basic communications, radio and personal.l. Trailer washouts when needed.
Occasional Work Performed:a. Problem identification and solution.b. Various projects.
Requirements:a. Must have a good driving record, NYS licensure.b. High school diploma or general equivalency degree required and previous experience in warehouse a plus.c. Working indoors and outdoors year-round.d. Must have ability to get into and out of a truck as many as 120 times per shift or moref. Must meet Department of Transportation physical and drug screening requirements.
Wage Range: $13.59-$20.39

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